Corporate Profile


About SustainCo Inc.

SustainCo Inc. (TSXV:SMS) invests in growth, game-changing and early-mover companies in areas focused on sustainability, energy efficiency, water resources, building performance management. SustainCo focuses on driving enterprise value in our investee companies through thought leadership, industry, financial and operational expertise to be an investor and strategic partner of choice.



VCI Controls

VCI is a leading supplier of building technologies and services that improve comfort safety, energy efficiency, and occupant productivity. It is an industry leader in the development of intelligent building technology, including the integration of all building systems utilizing the latest in the communication technologies and standards. VCI’s business focuses on digital control and mechanical services, performance monitoring, and energy efficiency solutions.



CleanEnergy Developments

CleanEnergy Developments is a Canadian geoexchange company that provides heating and cooling solutions for residential and commercial buildings using energy from the earth.